B. Dolan is an American rapper, spoken word artist and activist based in Providence, Rhode Island

Though he has since distanced himself from and frequently criticized Slam Poetry, B. Dolan’s first performances took place at New York City’s Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where he gained respect as part of HBO’s Def Poetry in 2002 and won numerous slam titles. In 2011, he told the Boston Phoenix:

Doing spoken word was the first time I ever tried to present my writing on a stage, and that’s what it was good for. It taught me some basic stage tricks that I still use — like how to change my voice and talk to a crowd. But once you’ve picked up those chops, you need to get the hell out before you become some asshole who wins the poetry slam for the 10th year in a row,

After performing at a Def Jam industry party at the Rush Arts Gallery, B. Dolan realized he wouldn’t be able to work within the major label structure. Within months, he dropped out of college, bought a drum machine, and began recording the first album The Failure. During this time, he slept on « park benches and subway trains » while working as a doorman at a building in close proximity to the Twin Towers. It was at this time that the September 11 attacks happened, leaving B. Dolan in a « paranoid mental state » which caused him to move back to Rhode Island.

Once back in Rhode Island, B. Dolan tapped into the local arts community, volunteered for at-risk youth programs, created the consumer activist website Knowmore.org, teamed up with Sage Francis, signed to Strange Famous Records, and began to tour internationally since 2005.

B. Dolan has also remained prolific as a rapper, releasing albums on Strange Famous Records since 2008, and most notably creating the « Bombzo Way » and « Evel Knievel » characters, which make surprise guest appearances at his concerts. In 2010, he released the second album Fallen House, Sunken City. It is produced by Alias.

In 2011, B. Dolan created the package show The Church of Love & Ruin, which combined activism and art by bringing openly LGBT and Queer performers into the arena of hip hop, in an attempt to address homophobia in rap. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B._Dolan)

« 2Bad » Epic Beard Men feat. Sage Francis (House of Bees Mixtape Vol. 2 (2012))

Wich Side Are You On (House of Bees Mixtape Vol. 2 (2012))

Earthmovers (Fallen House Sunken City (2010)) (Lyrics)

Kitchen Sink (Fallen House Sunken City (2010)) (Lyrics)

 Film the Police feat, Buddy Peace, Jasiri X, Sage Francis & Toki Wright (House of Bees Mixtape Vol. 2 (2012)) (Lyrics)

Who Killed Russell Jones (poem about Ol’ Dirty Bastard)


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